GODDESS FaustinE Cox

  I am Goddess Faustine Cox, a psychosexual guide to your inner truths, a discerning curator of your deepest submissive desires, and an advocate for personal liberation and self-love. I am an Exclusive Holistic Dominatrix situated in the queer mists of San Francisco and Oakland, California. Effusive exploration of the edges of energy, sexuality, and psychology is My life's work and My greatest passion. A perennial student, it has been My excitement to hone My skills and sensitivity over ten years of weaving dynamic, powerful, and soul-enriching kink exploration.

  You may have noticed by now that I am an iconoclast. Natural, nuanced, sophisticated, creative - I am an artist and you are My medium. With My unique blend of innately sensual sadism and ecstatic erotic hypnosis, what inspires and invigorates Me is guiding you toward your opening, your surrender, and your transformation. With your trust and My effortless command of your mind, body, and spirit, you will find yourself completely captivated in My capable hands. Offer Me your submissive desires and your commitment, and I will deliver you from the mundane to a realm where you can truly be yourself, in all of your ardent, authentic beauty. A realm where you can be held and be witnessed, free of judgement, and find yourself matched by My experience, creativity, and innate power.



I am a Dominatrix by nature, and I regard Holistic Domination as an art form and a practice. Ritualistic, improvisational, playful, and cathartic in nature, the exquisite experiences I create are made possible only with your presence and your willingness to dive deep into your relationship with submission and experimentation.


In My hands, BDSM and fetish training are utilized to guide you to a deepening sense of personal understanding, a greater access to joy and fulfillment through embodiment, an expanding practice in being witnessed in your authenticity and vulnerability, and an ongoing engagement in co-creative exploration in a space without shame or judgment (aspects that are different from erotic humiliation). By agreeing to engage with Me as your Dominant and Goddess, you are committing to not only expanding your understanding of yourself, but you are committing to becoming a more sensuously embodied, aware, patient, respectful, considerate and selfless person through submission. This is a mindful practice of indulgence, connection, and energetic exchange.


As I experience it, BDSM lifestyle and facilitation have the power to create a consensual playground, an alchemical laboratory within which W/we can express O/our true desires and emotions in a safe, convenient, creative container. BDSM grants Me a dynamic container within which I may transparently express My lust for having total control in My relationships. There is nothing so erotically compelling to Me as having full control over you, allowing you to discover the bliss of surrender and the transcendent fulfillment of serving a devious Goddess. I want to facilitate your weakness and your creative-submissive expression. Should you earn the opportunity to serve and belong to Me, you must enjoy the aspects of Domination and submission completely, as I do not enjoy entertaining tourists and non-submissive fetishists. My kinky cravings can be mercurial in nature, yet always feature My prevailing central fetishes of having total control over you while simultaneously molding you to My pleasure, using you for O/our mutual creative expansion, and guiding you toward a renewed sense of presence with life and greater connection to your personal creative liberation.



Just some of My favorite creative outlets include


(your total surrender to be trained and shaped to My liking and My needs is what I find most compelling in a relationship - like a blacksmith engaged in Her arts, I will hammer and refine you into a perfect instrument of submission and usefulness in all ways I see fit, and you will benefit for it greatly)


(offer yourself to the Goddess through the medium of sensation and pain - CBT, NT, BB, electro experimentation, ritual and play piercing, caning, whipping, flogging, cropping, spanking, paddling, tickling, fire play and more)


(join Goddess in an exploration of the senses and the imagination as W/we test the edges of human experience  through interfacing with nature, grounding, presence building, intention setting, gratitude practice, Nature worship, nature-based sensory play and sadomasochism)


(I am an architect of sensation and curate a legendary, premium quality, vast and ever-expanding arsenal of texturally satisfying toys to experiment with)


(I relish the power I feel when binding you in part or in full utilizing beautiful, luxurious leather bondage restraints, heavy steel and iron fetters and cold chains with padlocks, sleepsacks, cages and cells, sometimes for VERY extended periods of time)


(Experience the delicious feeling of freedom from your self, hand over full control to your Goddess and know that you belong, underneath Her power and guidance - say hello to a new world of productivity - ongoing chastity training that leads to long term containment is one of My favorite dynamics)


(I have always felt drawn to holding space for others to experience blending and transitioning and playing with gender, perhaps, because My own life is an exploration in gender, as I identify as non-binary, masculine and feminine at once, but perhaps truly neither - play can be affirming, slutty, humiliating, experimental, what is your motivation?)


(the scent of a true, natural, hairy Goddess scrambles your neural networks like nothing else can - I intoxicate you with My raw divinity and primal, hypnotic Domination of your mind, body, and spirit)


(buy leathers and boots for Me, then worship them for Me, lose yourself with Me in a visual, textural, and SCENT-sual wonderland that will never cease to inspire your most licentiously inspired daydreams)


(nothing is more arousing to a Hedonic Goddess than feeling your generosity and readiness to spoil Her - support My every inspiration and regularly invest in My F E M P I R E that you may be so fortunate to belong to - sponsor My self-care rituals, beauty treatments, and pro photo shoots - Cash Meets are available only with deposit)


(I have always been a very playful and provocative emotional sadist, delighting in your reactions, a master of toying with your emotions - as a natural brat, your embarrassment and humiliation entertain and amuse Me)


(one of the most intimate ways to serve a True Goddess - how deeply do you want to please Me?)


(I love animals, human animals especially - let Goddess ritually regress you into all manner of beasts that I may tame and entertain Myself with - one of My greatest joys right now is collecting the necessary elements required for elaborate and elevated pony play - manifesting My pony play dream-arena is something that is very important to Me, and My most devoted supplicants will help support this project with resources and private land)


If you're curious about something I haven't listed here, I encourage you to ask. The more unique your mind is, the more curious I might be, and the more likely I will be interested to meet with you.

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"I consider my own work as the most beautiful, and also as the ugliest."  - M.C. Escher



I only session with people who respect My boundaries and who have boundaries of their own. No boundaries? Not for Me. I only session with people who are submissively oriented and or submissively identified. you do not need to be submissive to everyone in their lives, just Me, however they MUST be respectful to everyone in their lives should they enter into service with Me. I don't connect well with assholes. I enjoy truly submissive individuals who are generous, clean, respectful, mentally healthy, intelligent and humble, punctual, and have well managed financial portfolios, a sense of humor, and a love of magic and nature. I give My valuable and limited time to those who want to help Me build My Goddess Fempire and contribute to My financial well-being. My goal is to be the proprietrix of My own elegant and artistic Bay Area Kink Studio by the end of the year so I especially favor those interested in financially helping Me realize that dream. I enjoy authentic individuals who react positively to deeply demanding FemDom personalities and appreciate experimentation and the arts.

 I do not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, ability, size, or age above 18. Currently I have noticed that it is international business travelers and corporate executives, well managed academics, eccentrics, creatives, and gifty leather fetishists who suit Me most. The majority of My clients are recurring and interested in ongoing relationship, lifestyle, and financial Domination. I enjoy enthused, reactive masochists, hypnosubmissive hedonists, suggestible and programmable servants, entertaining humiliation submissives, servile sissies, those exploring their gender in any way, and genuine avant-garde sexualities. I want you raw and vulnerable, and glistening at the edges, enlivened by nothing more than pleasing Me at all costs.



This is your first test. The correct honorific to use when addressing Me is Goddess. Please refrain from referring to Me as Mistress or Miss, and instead use My correct honorific of Goddess. I personally embody this archetype as a Dominatrix more than any other, and like a Goddess I feel attuned to the elements, energetically potent, and conceived of in another divine, kinky dimension.

I have a 1.5 hour minimum  and a 2 hour preferred minimum for session time because a lot of energy goes into the creation of the sacred spaces that I facilitate, and the pace at which I weave My spell with you is to be luxurious, not rushed or cheap feeling. Our session time includes initial check in, aftercare, and checkout. I begin and end on time and appreciate your respect of My boundaries.

My prices reflect My experience and skill level, and are non-negotiable. You are always welcome to pay more if you find you want to further support My growing Fempire.

A 25% deposit is required for every booking. 

Screening: is incredibly important for anyone I have not yet met. I require an easy-to-follow screening protocol with all new clientele so that I may assure My safety. You need to provide your first and last name, email address, phone number, and two references of established professional Dominatrices or other providers you've seen in the last two years (be sure that you have their permission to use them as references). If you have never seen a Professional Dominatrix before and do not have references, you can pay for an initial consultation call and provide either a LinkedIn account or a photo of your government issued ID next to your face. This is to assure My safety and will not be used for any other purpose.

Submission: begins at first instance of communication. 

Before filling out My contact form, be sure you have read through and agree to all of My policies. You must fill out My form as thoroughly and completely as possible, as I do not answer incomplete or poorly worded applications. Don't just tell Me why you think we're a good match, show Me by following instructions, providing verification without hassle, and being prepared to make your deposit swiftly.

Patience: Allow 24 hours for My response.

ConfirmationI require confirmation by email the night before by 10pm, and by 8am or 10 am the morning of O/our scheduled meeting unless I state otherwise.

Rescheduling: I will accommodate emergency rescheduling needs one time, should notice be given 48+ hours before our scheduled meeting time



  • My tribute is non-negotiable and any attempts to haggle will result in swift termination.

  • I don't enjoy switching or subbing.

  • I adore role-play but don't work with scripts, I'm an artist, please respect My creativity. 

  • I don't see people who seek to project their unresolved emotional wounds onto Me. That's not what I'm here for, and I will hold no space for such behaviors of entitlement and lack of self-awareness. 

  • I do not entertain non-submissive fetishists, or submission tourists 

  • I don't see anyone who claims to have NO BOUNDARIES. This is a practice that allows U/us both to continually refine and practice describing where O/our boundaries are, they allow U/us to remain healthy and safe.

  • No activities that are directly sexual, illegal, unsafe or non-consensual.



“None in my experience rivals Goddess Faustine. In form, She is a snow leopard, sleek, porcelain, powerful, and beautiful. Her dominance is subtle. Her eyes twinkle with assertive mischief. Her fingertips push gently, deliciously further. Your limits will be explored and expanded but never violated. She is delightfully deviant, passionate about Her craft and very, very good at it! If She is right for you, and if you take care in your manner, you will find none better.”  -r.f.

“Goddess Faustine is a magical being. I have never met someone who could so sensitively hold space for my fetishes for heavy bondage and discipline, and in this way Her experience and expertise are evident. She is always ready, willing, and excited to push me to the edges I seek to explore, and I'm incredibly grateful to have Goddess as my trusted ally in my kink and BDSM exploration. When you're in the San Francisco Bay Area and need to open Pandora's box with the aid of an experienced Dominatrix, you must seek Goddess Faustine.” -m. 


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