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"Honestly, i don’t think i have the words to describe how great that training session was with You. It was as if You had pulled some of my fantasies from the deepest recesses of my imagination and brought them out into real life. Like i said on Friday, being trained by You was so hot as soon as i got in the shower I felt mindlessly aroused again thinking about all the devious things You had just done to me. Even just writing about the things W/we did just gets me excited again. Where do i even begin?

First of all, i loved being trained to please You. i loved being used as a hole for You, and i loved that my body was used to aid in Your joy. It gave me immense happiness knowing that as i was in delicious subspace, You were also getting a nice Top high from O/our training session (:

Oh my, the predicament bondage! That was Amazing. i loved all the deliciously wicked rigs that You came up with and loved how helpless i was, unable to resist as You toyed with me. i loved how You tied my c&b up and then tied them to my collar so that i couldn’t even squirm too much without some delicious discomfort. Being face down, ass up on the floor was also such a fun position. It made me feel so instantly submissive and slutty and i wanted to please You in any way i could with my body. Every time i wanted to push myself back onto Your control however, i was reminded of my predicament as the string tugged on my tied c&b. It was as if You had already thought of every possibility, every option i had and i loved it. And with every single position You had me in, i loved the Intense anticipation of what kind of devious plans You had for me and what kind of delicious dilemma i was going to end up in.

Some things that W/we did were unexpectedly fun. i enjoyed being photographed! When You asked me if You could take a picture of me, i felt good knowing that You were pleased with how i looked. All i wanted to do in that moment was be a good model for You. i also had fun trying out that new plug with You and discovering just how much control of my bodily functions i surrender to You when i couldn’t even close my own hole. i couldn’t help but laugh and feel turned on at the same time, it was a fun moment that really made it feel like W/we were playing and exploring.

The nipple play. Wow. That was the first time i had had my nipples toyed with like that and i was soo pleasantly surprised at how sensitive they became! At one point all You had to do was breathe on them or even just graze them and my knees would go weak with just how Good that felt. They were so sensitized, i could feel my shirt on them the entire drive back home. It turned me on soo much having a reminder of what You did to me and just how much i had enjoyed being toyed with.

And how can i ever forget about that last position? That one is probably going to be etched permanently into my psyche and may act as the blueprint for all my future fantasies haha. It amazes me that You improvise every rig and knowing that makes it that much more special and impressive to me. It was almost as if some transcendental inspiration came to You as You put my dilemma together and found those oh-so-conveniently placed D-rings. It makes me excited just thinking and writing about it and i’m afraid if i spend too much time imagining that scenario again i won’t ever be able to finish writing this email.

Other than all the activities, the way O/our training made me feel afterwards was so new and amazing. my head felt clear, my body felt light, and i was buzzing all over. i had no more anxious thoughts running though my head and i felt this deep calm and this all pervading sense of peace. What i didn’t have the words for on Friday was that i thought this was perhaps the very first time i felt very, very okay with being truly vulnerable in front of another P/person. i felt safe. i felt that i could trust You completely and comfortably surrender to You, which in turn made me feel a deep sense of gratitude to You for holding this space for me. That gratitude, in turn, made me want to serve and please You even more. i know that words can only do so much, but i really hope i’ve been able to convey that gratitude through this email. (:

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Goddess." -sub c.s.


“I want to thank Goddess for Her generosity in O/our sessions, which are truly intoxicating. It is an unending pleasure to surrender myself to Her beauty, warmth and strength. Each session has become an expression of irony, for although I crave Her physical control of my body through restraints, in the end they are unnecessary: both my mind and body have become Hers. 

In that state, my greatest desire is to serve Her pleasure, and I am focused on obeying any direction, and am completely devoted to Her will. I crave the rewards She trains me to earn: the stimulation, the sensuous delights, the wondrous things She says... the many toys with which She has gently opened my mind and body. I think of things I have experienced with Her, and I want to kneel before Her again.” - p. a.

“Faustine is truly a Goddess. She is a beautiful FemDom both inside and out. She knows how to read you and deliver a session that will take you to new heights. I love to roleplay and electro-play and She is fantastic at it. I have been seeing Her for five years and O/our sessions just keep getting better and better!” - d. d.

“Thank You so much for such an incredible evening last night. It was truly a dream come true to have the opportunity to serve You, Goddess!  Today I woke up to the joyous memory of Your elation during Your skillfully applied over-the-knee spanking and paddling. This slave has never been a happier shade of red!” - b. a.

“I’ve had the great fortune to enjoy more than three dozen sessions with Goddess Faustine over the past few years. Each and every visit has been spectacular— erotically sublime and emotionally liberating. O/our sessions have combined ecstasy and personal discovery to provide some of the most intense and rewarding experiences of my life. 

Photos in the Goddess’s gallery show Her beautiful features and slim, toned body—She is quite simply gorgeous. But this may be the least of Her many gifts, for She is a true student of Her art, attentive to every detail from the aesthetics of knots to ambient light and sound. And She orchestrates each session with “sprezzatura”—an artful nonchalance that makes everything things seem effortless. 

At the most practical level, She communicates clearly, respects privacy and boundaries, and knows precisely how best to use the tools at her disposal— including ropes, slings, collars, blindfolds, floggers, gags, and a world-class collection of specialty toys. 

Beyond Her technical and professional expertise, the Goddess is extraordinarily intelligent, highly empathetic, and more than a wee bit mischievous. She knows the human body in ways that a medical student might, and also in ways that most of them never will. She is creative, loves to improvise, and exudes true pleasure and enthusiasm in Her work. If you treat Her with the devotion a Goddess deserves, She will bless you with real-life experiences that outstrip your wildest fantasies. 

Above all I am thankful for the way She has helped me overcome a lifetime of shame about my kinky desires, which include feminization, submission, and objectification. I used to wear panties and think “I should not be doing this.” With Goddess Faustine’s help I have embraced a fuller, more liberated sense of who I am. So now when I find myself instructed to put on panties—plus bra, nylons, heels, corset, makeup, wig, fetters, and perhaps a pink tutu—I rejoice. Bound to a spanking bench or walking on a leash, I am paradoxically more free. Turned into a feather duster or goblet holder, I become more fully human.”  - s. n. 



"Goddess, i'm writing out a thank You note for spending Your time with me. i'm so glad to be able to share many of my firsts with You, and for You to guide me through them. Thanks to Your hand, i feel a better understanding of my kinks and boundaries, as my fantasies turned into realities during O/our session. Your demeanor and presence was amazing. In particular, I love Your natural balance between the strict and controlling, and the helpful and holistic training. Every part of You deserves to be cherished, and i am glad to be given that opportunity yesterday. Even the stinkiest parts of You smelled like heaven to me! i recently saw the pictures of myself on Your social media. i'm so proud to be worthy of being there. I hope you enjoy your remaining time in Boston." - b. b.

“It's true that BDSM can be so much more than just pain and/or erotic servitude. BDSM in the temple of my Goddess is a ritual of worship. I hope to further perfect myself as a person, with Her happiness in mind.”  - s. a.

“Thank You, Goddess, for Your graceful warmth and guidance, You help me to feel safe while I learn how to let go. You help me to discover new ways to relax into the submissive state I crave. When I am under your leather boot, all I need to do is breathe and relax into my body and into the preset moment. I always feel so good in the week leading up to O/our session, and I always feel clear, relaxed, and happy in the week following! Submitting to You regularly has been one of the best stabilizers in my life, and I feel so grateful to belong to You.”  -  e. l.

“Goddess Faustine is a magical being. I have never met someone who could so sensitively hold space for my fetishes for heavy bondage and discipline, and in this way Her experience and expertise are evident. She is always ready, willing, and excited to push me to the edges I seek to explore, and I'm incredibly grateful to have Goddess as my trusted ally in my kink and BDSM exploration. When you're in the San Francisco Bay Area and need to open Pandora's box with the aid of an experienced Dominatrix, you must seek Goddess Faustine.” - m. 

“Thank you for three of the most glorious, intense hours of my life! When you put me in bondage on your comfortable leather sling left to dangle, available to your whims, I knew I'd never want to leave. How do you manage to get me to do things I never thought I'd be able to do? I can't wait to see where we go next, Goddess.”  - n. w.

 I wanted to thank You, benevolent Goddess, for the way Your gentle, hypnotic dominance lulled me into the deepest state of CBT and nipple torture bliss and submission I have ever experienced. You are truly a Witch: potent, intelligent, creative, devious, and incredibly beautiful.- s. r.


“Thank You for a wondefully decadent afternoon. You looked amazing in the black strapped and buckled lingerie, it felt like i was being hunted by a mythical Goddess. The restrictive bondage deepened the submission, longingly forced to surrender. It's exciting to be Your leashed pet and led around to different rooms and positions. Like You, i love experimenting with new equipment and devices and enjoy that you seek out new materials and implements- the dual floggers and barely flung stingy whip tail, canes, paddles and the dragon's tail. i feel Your excitement when You find a brand new implement to torture Your pet. i've noticed that when you build up sweetly, it places me into deeper subspace. My body and mind melt with a desire to please You and i become more accepting of Your gifts of pain. Being lightly marked is new to me and it's warming that we connect at this level of trust. Suffocated on the table, it's an erotic thrill that You may take my last breath. It is interesting that You have uniqely created new and edgy dark fetishes within me. Your control and witchcraft are overwhelming, and my submission in these moments seem limitless. Perhaps unraveling intricate hidden boundaries, it's a privilege to feel the excitement and energy in Your hands and soul, gifts of sublime sensitivity and discomfort, spinning into a web of numbing control, surrender, and subspace- like entering a sacred forest. You may have noticed i was disoriented and shaking after leaving Your sling. i dream of being trained further for Your pleasure and can' t wait for O/our next rendevous- don't want to dissapoint and be out of practice for You. You are an awesome Goddess, thank You!”  - s. j.

“Thank You for a playful and fun afternoon. It was truly a pleasure to meet You, Your powerful beauty, lithe movements, and soft hypnotic voice hit my core all session long. I appreciate that You understood the butterflies as I arrived. Your calm, sensual, guiding and gentle but sadistic nature put me at ease, and as our trust grew, it allowed my surrender and excitement to enter Your realm (if You couldn't tell!)”  - w.

“From Her insane, extensive collection of super kinky toys to Her unbelievable, leather-clad elven physique, to Her penetrating ability tov understand my psyche, Goddess Faustine is truly a privilege to surrender to. Her bratty style of humiliation sent me over the edge, and I realized that I am helpless to Her power and Her beautiful feet.”  -p.p.


“None in my experience rivals Goddess Faustine. In form, She is a snow leopard, sleek, porcelain, powerful, and beautiful. Her dominance is nuanced. Her eyes twinkle with assertive mischief. Her fingertips push gently, deliciously further. Your limits will be explored and expanded but never violated. She is delightfully deviant, passionate about Her craft and very, very good at it! If She is right for you, and if you take care in your manner, you will find none better.”  - r. f.

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