GODDESS FaustinE Cox


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  I am Goddess Faustine Cox, the Luxury Leather Goddess of your dreams, and discerning curator of your deepest submissive desires. I am an exclusive Lifestyle and Professional Dominatrix situated in the queer mists of San Francisco and Oakland, California. Effusive exploration of the edges of sexuality and psychology is My life's work and My greatest passion. A perennial student, it has been My excitement to hone My skills and sensitivity over nearly ten years of weaving soul-enriching, tender and sadistic kink exploration.

  You may have noticed by now that I am an iconoclast. Natural, nuanced, sophisticated, creative - I am an artist and you are My medium. With My unique blend of masterfully sensual sadism and ecstatic erotic hypnosis, what inspires and invigorates Me is guiding you toward your opening, your surrender, and your transformation. With your trust and My effortless command of your mind, body, and spirit, you will find yourself completely captivated in My capable hands. Offer Me your submissive desires and your commitment, and I will deliver you from the mundane to a realm where you can truly be yourself, in all of your ardent, authentic beauty. A realm where you can be held and be witnessed, free of judgement, and find yourself matched by My experience, creativity, and innate power.

"I consider my own work as the most beautiful, and also as the ugliest."  - M.C. Escher


“None in my experience rivals Goddess Faustine. In form, She is a snow leopard, sleek, porcelain, powerful, and beautiful. Her dominance is subtle. Her eyes twinkle with assertive mischief. Her fingertips push gently, deliciously further. Your limits will be explored and expanded but never violated. She is delightfully deviant, passionate about Her craft and very, very good at it! If She is right for you, and if you take care in your manner, you will find none better.”  -r.f.

“I want to thank Goddess for Her generosity in O/our sessions, which are truly intoxicating. It is an unending pleasure to surrender myself to Her beauty, warmth and strength. Each session has become an expression of irony, for although I crave Her physical control of my body through restraints, in the end they are unnecessary: both my mind and body have become Hers. 

In that state, my greatest desire is to serve Her pleasure, and I am focused on obeying any direction, and am completely devoted to Her will. I crave the rewards She trains me to earn: the stimulation, the sensuous delights, the wondrous things She says... the many toys with which She has gently opened my mind and body. I think of things I have experienced with Her, and I want to kneel before Her again.” -p.a.

“Faustine is truly a Goddess. She is a beautiful FemDom both inside and out. She knows how to read you and deliver a session that will take you to new heights. I love roleplay and electro-play and She is fantastic at it. I have been seeing Her for five years and O/our sessions just keep getting better and better!” -d.d.

“Goddess Faustine is a magical being. I have never met someone who could so sensitively hold space for my fetishes for heavy bondage and discipline, and in this way Her experience and expertise are evident. She is always ready, willing, and excited to push me to the edges I seek to explore, and I'm incredibly grateful to have Goddess as my trusted ally in my kink and BDSM exploration. When you're in the San Francisco Bay Area and need to open Pandora's box with the aid of an experienced Dominatrix, you must seek Goddess Faustine.” -m. 


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