400 - 1 hour (only for simple service and check-ins)

500 - 1.5 hours (minimum for first time clients)

700 - 2 hours (preferred)

1000 - 3 hours

Certain elaborations to our session will constitute additional tribute. I will inform you upon receipt of your application. Ask me about longer and more elaborate experiences upon serious interest.



I do not do outcall training appointments unless you have previously served me or you come highly recommended by someone I know personally. Tributes vary depending on locale. 


$500+/ hour 


*Rates may vary by city.

Fly Me to You

For an additional $2000, you can fly me to you anywhere in North America. You are welcome to suggest locations beyond this, and I will adjust my rate accordingly.  

A Note on Deposits

A non-refundable deposit of 100/hr is required for engagements under 6 hours, and a 50% deposit for over 6 hours or for travel. You must reschedule at least 48 hrs in advance in order to transfer your deposit to your new appointment. The new appointment must be within one month of your current one. Should you need to cancel your appointment please email me as soon as possible to let me know, however you will be forfeiting your deposit. 

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