This most classic type of encounter will transport you to My realm of the Vivid Dream. Worship and serve your Divine Goddess for a luxurious hour and a half in one of My preferred private dungeon sanctuaries, or at your fine accommodations, I only travel to places that make Me feel like a Goddess. 

Incall | Starts at 500/hr (90 min minimum, 2 hour minimum preferred)
  • Plus $80/hr dungeon rental fee
  • Tribute dependent on your interests, add +$100 for FTT
  • I play at only the most exclusive, opulent dungeons in Oakland + SF
  • Add 50% for couples
Outcall | Starts at 500/hr (4 hour minimum)
  • I'm highly selective about who I travel to
  • Tribute dependent on your interests
  • Travel is to the Greater Bay Area
  • Further Bay Area locales include additional travel fees
  • Add 50% for couples



Let's dine together at an upscale restaurant of My choosing, or one of your local recommendations where I may delight in your seduction. We retire to My dungeon where I hypnotically bring you into the deepest blissful submission to your Goddess, and I train you to My whims at My leisure. Dining and traversing will be 1.5 hours and time at the dungeon will be two hours.

Incall only | 1400USD (3.5 hours)
  • Plus $80/hr dungeon rental fee for two hours
  • Tribute dependent on your interests
  • I prefer Malbecs and fine Cabernet



Ready to go deeper? Luxuriate in an evening of exploring personal slavery to your Goddess. Get to know the Goddess and Her lifestyle needs in Her domestic setting. W/we spend the day or evening together, and you bring or cook U/us a delicious meal, and together W/we explore while you receive bespoke submissive service training.

Incall only | Starts at 1600USD (3-5 hours)
  • Tribute dependent on your interests
  • Full kitchen and clawfoot bathtub for you to scrub 
  • Learn how to tend My 90+ plants 




A night of decadence and perversion unlike anything your mind could imagine in your deepest, wettest dreams. I have you bring and serve U/us a fine meal, and then worship and submit to Me in every way I see fit. I reserve this experience for My supplicants who have already served in person and established trust with Me. Incall, outcall is dependent on My comfort. I require a full 8 hours of Goddess beauty sleep and will retire for rest by midnight, usually waking by 8am.

 14 hours // 8pm-10am (3000USD)

 16 hours // 6pm-10am (3800USD)

  • Plus overnight dungeon rental fee (varies by location, inquire for specific fee)
  • Tribute dependent on your interests, add +$100 for FTT
  • I play at only the most exclusive, opulent dungeons in Oakland + SF


Let's talk about what I enjoy doing as a Dominatrix. I embody many archetypes both kind and cruel, and the eternal role I fulfill regardless of My mood will be to serve as your Domina and guide. Should I invite you into My exclusive BDSM lifestyle, I will show you how to dedicate your presence and your energy toward a fuller experience of the sensual world through service and submission. I will delight in teaching you to serve, obey, and devote yourself fully to your Goddess.


I love and lust for control. There is nothing so erotically compelling to Me as having full control over you, allowing you to discover the bliss of surrender. I want to facilitate your weakness, to counter-balance the continuum of days of societally enforced composure and responsibility.  Should you get the opportunity to serve and belong to Me, you will need to enjoy this aspect completely. My kinky tastes can fluctuate like the mercurial winds, yet always feature My prevailing central kink of having total control over you.

Some of My greatest delights include


(I am a Master of sensation and curate an epic arsenal of texturally satisfying toys to train My devotees with)


(one of the most intimate ways to serve a True Goddess - how deeply do you want to please Me?)


(the scent of a true, natural hairy Goddess scrambles your neural networks like nothing else can)


(offer yourself to the Goddess through the medium of pain - CBT, NT, BB, electro, impact, piercing, more)


(your Dominant Goddess favors usefulness above all else. I will shape you into My perfect, useful servant)


(when I own you, your money is My money - arouse Goddess with your generosity and invest in My F E M P I R E)


(I have always been a very playful brat, delighting in your reactions, a master of toying with your emotions)


(buy them for Me, worship them for Me, lose yourself with Me in a textural wonderland)


If you're curious about something I haven't listed here, I encourage you to ask. The more unique your mind is, the more curious I might be, and the more likely I will be interested to meet with you.


I ONLY session with people who respect My boundaries and who have boundaries of their own. No boundaries? Not for Me. I ONLY session with people who are submissively oriented and or submissively identified. This doesn't have to be toward everyone in your life, just Me. I enjoy truly submissive individuals who are generous, respectful, mentally healthy, intelligent AND humble, punctual, and have well managed financial portfolios, a sense of humor, and a love of magic and nature. I give My valuable and limited time to those who want to help Me build My Goddess Fempire and contribute to My financial well-being. My goal is to own My own boutique Bay Area dungeon space within half a year, so I especially favor those interested in financially helping Me realize that dream, and then serve Me in it. I enjoy authentic individuals who react positively to deeply demanding FemDom personalities and appreciate experimentation and the arts.

 Currently I have noticed that it is international business travelers and corporate executives, well managed academics, eccentrics, creatives, and gifty leather fetishists who suit Me most. The majority of My clients are recurring and interested in ongoing relationship, lifestyle, and financial Domination. I do not discriminate based on gender, sexual orientation, legal age, or ability. I enjoy enthused, reactive masochists, hypnosis hedonists, suggestible and programmable servants, entertaining humiliation submissives, servile and sensitive sissies, genuine avant-garde sexualities. I want you raw and vulnerable, and glistening at the edges, enlivened by nothing more than pleasing Me at all costs.


This is your first test. The correct honorific to use when addressing Me is Goddess. Please refrain from referring to Me as Mistress or Miss, and instead use My correct honorific of Goddess. I personally embody this archetype as a Dominatrix more than any other, and like a Goddess I feel attuned to the elements, energetically potent, and conceived of in another divine, kinky dimension.

I have a 1.5 hour minimum  and a 2 hour preferred minimum for session time because a lot of energy goes into the creation of the sacred spaces that I facilitate, and the pace at which I weave My spell with you is to be luxurious, not rushed or cheap feeling. Our session time includes initial check in, aftercare, and checkout. I begin and end on time and appreciate your respect of My boundaries.

My prices reflect My experience and skill level, and are non-negotiable. You are always welcome to pay more if you find you want to further support My growing Fempire.

A deposit is required for every booking. Twenty-five percent of the total tribute is sent upon application and screening approval. I accept deposits via Venmo or Cash App. 

Screening: is incredibly important for anyone I have not yet met. I require an easy-to-follow screening protocol with all new clientele so that I may assure My safety. You need to provide your first and last name, email address, phone number, and two references of established professional Dominatrices or other providers you've seen in the last two years (be sure that you have their permission to use them as references). If you have never seen a Professional Dominatrix before and do not have references, you can provide your LinkedIn account or alternately you must provide a photo of your government issued ID next to your face. This is to assure My safety and will not be used for any other purpose.

Submission: begins at first instance of communication. 

Before filling out My contact form, be sure you have read through and agree to all of My policies. You must fill out My form as thoroughly and completely as possible, as I do not answer incomplete or poorly worded applications. Don't just tell Me why you think we're a good match, show Me by following instructions, providing verification without hassle, and being prepared to make your deposit swiftly.

Patience: Allow 24 hours for My response.

ConfirmationI require confirmation by email 24 hours before our scheduled meeting, unless I state otherwise.

Rescheduling: I will accommodate emergency rescheduling needs one time, should notice be given 48+ hours before our scheduled meeting time.

If you are not ready to meet in person, you can submit to Me through NiteFlirt. You can also follow Me through Twitter and Instagram through the icon links at the bottom of this page.


  • My tribute is non-negotiable and any attempts to haggle will result in swift termination.

  • I don't enjoy switching or subbing.

  • No ruby showers.

  • I adore role-play but don't work with scripts, I'm an artist, please respect My creativity. 

  • No activities that are directly sexual, illegal, unsafe or non-consensual.


I'm a lifestyle and professional Dominatrix based in the San Francisco Bay Area, and I practice safe, sane, and consensual D/s and kink exploration as ethically as a heathen can. I believe in the value of transparency and clear communication. It is My highest calling in life to advocate for personal growth and inner-outer liberation of our truths, and have as much fun as erotically possible while doing it. I guide My submissives with strict boundaries and genuine care for the benefit of all. Liberation and fun are of My highest concern. Part of My mission is to spread the FemDom Goddess paradigm shift through training submissives of all genders to be more embodied, emotionally intelligent, clearly and non-violently communicative, and service-oriented. 

I am an extraordinary deviant, and have an insatiable appetite for BDSM, which I use My supplicants to sate. This is a lifestyle, and I enjoy the financial rewards and the freedom it affords Me. Your financial contribution to My Fempire grants you access to be a part of My kinky lifestyle journey in service to your One True Goddess.