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This most classic type of encounter will transport you to My realm of the Vivid Dream. Worship and serve your Divine Goddess for a luxurious hour and a half in one of My preferred private dungeon sanctuaries, or at your fine accommodations, I only travel to places that make Me feel like a Goddess. 

Incall | Starts at 500/hr (90 min minimum, 2 hour minimum preferred)
  • Plus $80/hr dungeon rental fee
  • Tribute dependent on your interests, add +$100 for FTT
  • I play at fully equipped, private, opulent dungeons in SF, Oakland, New York City, & Boston
  • Add 50% for couples
Outcall | Starts at 500/hr  + Travel Fee of additional $150

Minimum time for Outcalls: 4 hours // (2000USD)

 Full Day: 12 hours // 10am-10pm (6000USD)

  • I'm highly selective about who I travel to
  • Tribute dependent on your interests
  • Travel to further locales include additional travel fee
  • Add 50% for couples



Let's dine together at an upscale restaurant of My choosing, or one of your local recommendations where I may delight in your seduction. We retire to My dungeon where I hypnotically bring you into the deepest blissful submission to your Goddess, and I train you to My whims at My leisure. Dining and traversing will be 1.5 hours and time at the dungeon will be two hours.

Incall only | 1400USD (3.5 hours)
  • Plus $80/hr dungeon rental fee for two hours
  • Tribute dependent on your interests
  • I play at fully equipped, private, opulent dungeons in SF, Oakland, New York, & Boston



For those who simply want to enjoy spending a little time with an otherworldly Dominant Goddess outside of the dungeon. Impress your Goddess with a fine eating experience and engage My love of sensuous decadence, stimulating conversation, and My rarified presence, charisma and magnetism, as well as My endlessly creative and libidinous mind!

400USD (1.5 hour engagement)



A night of decadence and perversion unlike anything your mind could imagine in your deepest, wettest dreams. I have you bring and serve U/us a fine meal, and then worship and submit to Me in every way I see fit. I reserve this experience for My supplicants who have already served in person and established trust with Me. Incall, outcall is dependent on My comfort. I require a full 8 hours of Goddess beauty sleep and will retire for rest by midnight, usually waking by 8am.

 14 hours // 8pm-10am (3000USD)

 16 hours // 6pm-10am (3700USD)

  • Plus overnight dungeon rental fee (varies by location, inquire for specific fee)
  • Tribute dependent on your interests, add +$100 for FTT
  • I play at fully equipped, private, opulent dungeons in SF, Oakland, New York, & Boston




RESERVED FOR PRE-ESTABLISHED SUBMISSIVES ONLY: Ready to go deeper? Luxuriate in an evening of exploring personal slavery to your Goddess. Get to know the Goddess and Her lifestyle needs in Her domestic setting. W/we spend the day or evening together, and you bring or cook U/us a delicious meal, and together W/we explore while you receive bespoke submissive service training.

Incall only | Starts at 1500-1900USD (3-5 hours)
  • Tribute dependent on duration of time spent serving & your interests
  • I will decide your Tasks: Errands, Cleaning, Foot Massages, Leather Maintenance, etc.
  • Learn how to tend meticulously to My 90+ plants if you're lucky enough to be welcomed into My Inner Sanctum




I regularly travel both nationally and internationally and love to play in beautiful places all around the world, travel is important to Me and keeps Me inspired. If you're not in My local area of San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose in California and have aspirations of serving Me, you are encouraged to watch for My continually updated tour schedule both here and on My social media pages. Cities I frequent most include Boston and New York City, more are added as inquiries come in from other destinations, so share your city requests, but know I don't guarantee that I will visit your area without reserving a Fly Me To you experience.

My minimum session time when touring is 2 hours, with exception for FTT which can be 1.5 hours. When filling out your application form below, be sure to specify which city you hope to serve Me in.

***COVID considerations: I'm fully vaccinated and I ONLY session with submissives who can also provide proof of vaccination.


End of November 2021 - Exact Dates TBA

BOSTON : End of November TBA

// Allston

NEW YORK CITY : End of November TBA

//Midtown + Brooklyn



I require an easy-to-follow screening protocol with all new clientele so that I may assure My safety. You need to provide your first and last name, email address, phone number, as well as two references of established professional Dominatrices or other providers you've seen in the past two years (be sure to ask for Their permission to use Them as references and to send Them gifts/tribute to thank Them for Their time and effort!) Information from your references to include should be Their professional names, email addresses, website links, social media handles, etc. 


If you have never seen a Professional Dominatrix before and do not have references, you can arrange a separate paid phone consultation and you must provide a photo of your government issued ID next to your face or a link to your LinkedIn profile. This is to assure My safety and will be used for no other purpose. (Paid phone consultations usually take between 15-20 minutes, require an upfront tribute of $50, and can be booked with Me directly through email after sending your fully filled out In Person Application, or through My Phone Domination Sessions application in the Online Domination page)

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I always require a deposit sent prior to O/our meeting. The deposit covers the rental fee and part of My tribute - I accept deposits via Cash App*, Venmo*, PayPal, or gift cards for Etsy and Amazon (*Preferred methods). I will inform you of your deposit amount and My handle to use once you apply to book a session and specify which deposit method you intend to use.

Taking deposits to secure all sessions is a standard practice in Pro-Domination, and is necessary to limit time-wasters, prevent no shows, and last minute cancellations. 

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For all returning submissives, please email Me directly via to book. For  all new prospective submissives please introduce yourself respectfully through My application form below. All submissions must be thoroughly, completely, and thoughtfully filled out to guarantee a reply. All incomplete, disrespectful, or unpleasant forms will be discarded.

***COVID considerations: I'm fully vaccinated and I can ONLY session with submissives who can also provide proof of vaccination.



Choose your Deposit Method (listed in order of MY preference)

Good pet.

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